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To What do We Owe the Rise of Trump?

Trump has lit a fire. Can it be contained?

An already ugly campaign takes a violent — and ominous — turn. ~Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post

If it weren’t so sad I would be laughing at this article. No! You can blame Trump for his rhetoric but it is actually the very same rhetoric that has been bandied about by the MSM and the Administration for several years now. It all started with Treyvon Martin and a President of the United States inserting a personal opinion that preceded even the most basic investigation into the facts. Obama said “He could have been my son.” in response to a picture of an innocent appearing teenage boy rather than the huge thug that he had grown into. He made that comment before the facts became evident. He pandered to the race-baiters and even refused to reject their calls for assassination and public riots which damaged the property and lives of the innocent. This has established a pattern which continues to this day. Obama, the Justice Department and MSM constantly turning everything, regardless of fact, into a race war and out-of-control LEO population that culminated in the BLM movement. This domestic terror organization has publicly called on its members to kill random police officers, bomb police stations and attack and kill random white people for the crime of “being white” and yet, after these public and vociferous threats Obama invites the leaders to the White House for dinner and a chat. One of them is on the FBIs most wanted list for killing a police officer.

Then there is Ferguson and another clearly justified shooting of another black criminal that had just finished committing a strong-arm robbery. What do we hear? “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Again the President and the MSM jump aboard to the defense of the rioters and looters. As the facts again are revealed the damage is already done. We blame the MSM especially for considering rioting, looting and burning down the homes and businesses of the innocent as an “expression of free speech” protected by the Constitution of the United States. Obama, MSM and the rest of Washington, DC have now set the stage.

During this entire period we are inundated with an Administration, backed up by MSM, that the unemployment rate is down from 10% where it ended during the Bush administration to under 5% today. problem is that the job growth they refer to is in the service industry with some of the lowest paying jobs in the country. People need to work 2 – 3 jobs just to get by now. Most of these jobs don’t even come as full-time. This also disregards that fact that our employment participation rate is at the lowest point it has been at in over FIFTY YEARS!! These are the huge masses of unemployed white collar workers that have been displaced by H1B Visa holders and overseas outsourcing of high-tech and manufacturing positions. Current statistics report that as much as 47% of our healthy working age adult population is either unemployed or under-employed right now.

This gets us to Trump. He is verbalizing the actual emotional state of the vast majority of the American populace and yes, many don’t actually like him or see him as presidential (me included) but do see him as the ONLY person running that is not afraid to come right out with the truth of where we, as a nation, are right now. During this period we are told by the pundits in the left-leaning MSM that we Republicans are a bunch of racist Neanderthals with little, or no, education despite the obvious and glaring fact that at the beginning of this campaign the Democrats were running two old white people while the racist and misogynist Republican party put forward a group of very diverse people including a black-American, a Female CEO, two Latinos and a couple of traditional old white guys. We are racist and uneducated because we think that laws are meant to be enforced, knuckle-draggers because we think that a person should try to stand on their own two feet rather than live off the sweat of another, Neanderthals because we don’t think that dead people and non-citizens should be permitted to vote in our elections.

I want you people in the MSM to think about this, and think real hard even though it hurts to actually use your brains… How many attacks have been made by Trump supporters at Democratic events? You think we are stupid and uneducated, even those of us like me with dual-Masters and a life-time of engineering. Even my friend’s spouse with her PhD because she decided to vote for Trump but gets called “Uncle Ruckus” because she HAPPENS to be a black-American! As ye sow, so shall ye reap and the left has reaped the whirlwind.

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Add published author to my skill set

In Search Of The Green Flash

It is with no little pride Smile that I announce the availability of my first published book. It is a quick read with illustrations done by my spouse, Lisa Vargas. The name of the book is “In Search of the Green Flash” by John Slavik and it is available on the Barnes and Noble website as an ebook. The story in this particular incidence is very personal and some who have followed this blog may even recognize one of the events.

If you are interested please go to and purchase it. You have no idea how much help you will be giving my family and I.

The Death of the Age of Heroes

Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Churchill

Once upon a time we were allowed to have heroes. Men and women capable of performing extra-ordinary feats. Discover new lands or new peoples, new science, new art, stand up to tyranny. Many in the past have risen to legendary status. But in the process of creating a hero we neglect the simple fact that ALL these individuals are, at heart, still only people. As ordinary people they are subject to all the same faults, sins of omission and commission, that the rest of us are. Nobody is perfect, nobody is without sin. We hold that as a basic truth and you reading this certainly know that if you look within yourself with honesty that this observation is true.

During the 20th Century the man pictured in this blog, Sir Winston Churchill, was considered one of the most influential and powerful heroes of the age. He is generally credited with keeping the United Kingdom in the war when all else was lost to the NAZIs. His patience and steadfastness kept that island nation in things long enough for the US to enter into the conflict and bring an end to plans for global domination by an implacable enemy. Yet he was just a man, he smoked and drank, was a mediocre student and had to wear special dentures to correct a lateral lisp. He was, and remains, the most important Briton by public acclimation. When histories of great men are written we eliminate or gloss over the negatives and highlight and emphasize the positives.

The Rev. Martin Luther King was a known womanizer but is honored today with a holiday, speeches of remembrance and has even been on US postage stamps. About heroes of the past even less is known of their negative aspects . . . if any are known at all.

Now the era of the internet allows us to create history, even rewrite history on the run. I watch as heroes are taken to task via Twitter and Facebook even as thugs are turned into heroes by whitewash and outright lies in order to further a political agenda. It is now, for some reason that I am incapable of understanding, permissible to allow a person or persons to accuse someone publicly for a crime that happened so long in the past that no evidence of wrongdoing can ever be presented beyond the word of the accuser. However, since the accused is a public figure we must accept that these accusations MUST be true. We are now allowed, even coerced, into making judgments about past heroes based on values of today or, even worse, science of today that didn’t exist at the time. We are expected to overlook the sins of the loser while enhancing the sin of the winner. In this environment is it any wonder that few are any longer willing to stick their neck out for others? Being a hero today is almost a sure ticket to public humiliation just as being a hero of yesterday has turned the dead into a viable target incapable of even the most basic of self-defenses.

Yes, once upon a time we had heroes. People so special that they became more fictional representations of themselves. But these people were used to teach and educate the current generations about what could be and was good about being human. By taking away the hero we are left with a legacy of bitterness at just how awful being a human truly is. We are a cancer upon our world and it would be so much better if we would simply die out and leave the world in blessed peace. Somehow I don’t actually think that is the case.

In the interim we still have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and all the other incorruptible fictional heroes . . . or do we? Last time I checked it is now fashionable to create negative back stories for the purely fictional too.

The “Age of Heroes” is past. How sad.

To all the cars I loved before (Part One 1955 – 1972)

Part Three is coming real soon! Stay tuned for further updates.

The Heretic

Let’s start from the beginning. This is my beginning so will start with cars I owned in proxy with my dad. I think this is fair for a variety of reasons. I always had a knack for things mechanical and my father discovered this when I was very young. He was not being altruistic, he was being frugal, if I could fix something he saw no reason to spend money having someone else do it. In exchange I could drive anything that I could fit into even though I was not legally old enough to drive on a public road. So he would often take me somewhere private and we would play. Another reason for proxy ownership is that I eventually grew up to become a professional master mechanic, race car driver and petrol-head. These avocations led me into some long-term relationships with cars that, while I didn’t own them…

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Should the USA hire Her Majesty?

Unemployment is WAY DOWN, under-employment is WAY UP. The bottom line is that our middle-class has been gutted and the middle-class made up the heart and soul of the American economy. Small mom and pop operations employed over 90% of the US workforce. Centralization of supply and demand, migration of high-paying low/unskilled factory jobs and many other factors of a similar nature have conspired to put us where we are. The problems are too complex and of a global nature; it is not possible that anyone can lay the blame on any president. I am NOT pro-Obama, he is a liar and has never actually worked an honest day in his life, never served in any form of the military (not even the National Guard) so I truly believe he has some of the lowest of moral compass and ethics in the history of his office.

That said I firmly believe that being a ‘saint’ is NOT a trait that we want in a president. The ability to twist fact and play with statistics is a critical skill for the office. Our current political climate at the national level consists of a group of extreme left socialists that are battling a group of extreme right conservatives. Problem is that the vast majority of Americans actually lie somewhere between the two so the vast majority are seeing a government that is subverting the will of the people on every single issue regardless of it being a Democrat or a Republican putting forward the issue. While the climate is like this our government is powerless to move on any significant issue, compromise is no longer possible. It is not a problem triggered by the Tea Party Republicans any more than it is a problem of the Far Left Liberals. They are symptoms of a disease. The disease is intolerance and the inability to accept responsibility.

We are now seeing our society crack around the edges, signs of extreme civil unrest, people taking the law into their own hands due to the inability of the government to govern. If things do not change and change very soon we will have given the Office of the President of the United States that which he most ardently seeks . . . an excuse to impose martial law. When that occurs you can kiss your elections goodbye. You can then say hello to the Emperor of the United States Barrack Hussein Obama. I, for one, wouldn’t blame him. It is that or we all vote to have Queen Elizabeth absorb us back in the British Empire (wouldn’t that be a gas?)!

Actually, the British form of government has a very significant advantage over ours as it is currently structured. The Queen is relatively powerless to rule the people directly, she is allowed to give a speech during which she can bring up issues of importance. But there is one power unique to the Throne. The Queen can dissolve a government when the voice of the people demand it. This has been done only a very few times in the past. Most notably the government of Chamberlain, with his history of appeasement to Hitler at the onset of WW2. We all know the result of that. The government reformed with Winston Churchill at the head and Britain stood, alone, against the Axis onslaught for almost 3 full years until the US entered the conflict.

The Real Unemployment Numbers

The administration was pleased to announce that the unemployment rate is now down to 6.2% from 6.7%. This proves that the economic recovery is well on the way to working . . . or does it? The unemployment rate used by the administration is but one measure of our workforce. Out of all eligible members of the US workforce the actual participation rate is 62%. Literally this means that a little over 6 of every 10 eligible potential workers are actually working or actively seeking work. Almost 4 out of every ten are not If you add the unemployed to the non-participating you come up with a staggering 92 million Americans that are unemployed. The actual unemployment rate currently is closer to 12%! This isn’t even calculating the number of people that are under-employed such as highly degreed professionals in their 50s and 60s that can’t find a job outside of being a burger jockey. Throw these into the figures and we are now looking at over 40% un/under-employed. This should be heartbreaking to anyone reading this.

If you go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics they actually break down all these numbers for you. It paints a pretty dim picture of the actual state of our country. Almost 1 million eligible workers have just plain given up even looking for a job after multiple years of searching have left them devoid of hope. They survive on government handouts and off-the-grid money-making such as garage sales to keep surviving.

The real strength of the United States has been a strong and productive middle-class. But the past decade has seen the power of this middle-class eroded by several things. Overseas production of real goods is, perhaps, number one on the list. You see; it is the factory worker, the construction worker, the plumber, the baker, even the candlestick maker that supported America’s lifestyle. These operations employed the vast majority of Americans. When local production halted then we were left as a nation of rampant consumers whose sole purpose became the acquisition of material things produced elsewhere. But we can not support ourselves if all we do is buy. Eventually the buyers run out of money, then the lower paid sales force loses their jobs. Now we are a nation intent on buying survival items. This is having a profound effect on the sales of durable goods. So now the bigger corporations are beginning to feel the pinch as demand for their products drop. They may pay for an hour’s work in Vietnam with a cup of rice, but they still need to buy the rice. The ability of the USG to support the needy is putting a bigger and bigger demand on the middle- and upper-classes; the middle-class is all but destroyed now and the upper-class cannot bear the weight of taking care of the other 98% of Americans.

Some of these figures can be accounted for by the mass retirement of baby-boomers but the sad fact is that nothing but abrogation of responsibility on the part of our government and big business hold the ‘bag’ for the following factual numbers:

  • 92 million Americans out of work.
  • 10.1 million people the administration admits are officially unemployed.
  • 6 million who want a job but haven’t found one yet.
  • 2.5 million who didn’t bother to search.
  • 1.5 million that didn’t look for work because of this reason or that.
  • 900,000 that gave up entirely.

Obama’s unemployment claims are as empty as his recovery methods.


The Rule of Unexpected Consequence or How Being PC is destroying the World

Many times the desire to do something ‘good’ for the environment, let’s say save water or an endangered species, seem easy to address and so the government passes a law or creates a regulation that addresses the problem in a simple and straightforward way. Everyone is happy . . . right?

WRONG! I am going to take a look at just a few of these special interest inspired travesties and analyze the unexpected consequence of each.

Let’s take a look at mandated restricted flow faucets first. The government wanted to reduce our demand for water. On the surface redesigning faucets such that they would work as effectively while using less water to do so makes perfect sense so back in 1995 the use of flow restrictive faucets and toilets mandated to use only 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) rather than the more common 3.5 GPF. First thing people noticed was that a toilet now required 2 – 3 flushes in order to flush the remains of last night’s lasagna! So now we use 3.2 to 4.8 GPF! Still the technology has improved since those early years so this is not so much of a problem and 1.6 GPF will get rid of the more common #1 (is that a PUN? Sorry) usage of a toilet. Flow restrictors and aerators on all the other faucets simply don’t make any sense however based on usage. Why would I say that? My bath takes 22 gallons of water and I don’t want it cold. An old faucet could fill the tub from bone dry to overflowing in 3 minutes and change; the new faucet takes over 11 minutes during which the hot water is cooling down so I have to compensate by using more energy to heat the water before it leaves the faucet! I haven’t saved an ounce of water but have added to the CO2 level of the atmosphere because I needed extra energy to heat it. My biggest complaint (I don’t take frequent baths, prefer the shower) is the kitchen faucet. Like most people today I let a dish-washer take care of scrubbing dirty dishes. A dish-washer is effective and makes sense environmentally. It takes 2.5 gallons per fill. So what use is the kitchen sink put to. Presoaking really burned on stuff is one thing, filling a mop bucket to scrub the floors is another and, most commonly, filling a pot so that I can cook some food. In each case cited there is a requirement for a measured quantity of water, usually hot. So rather than quickly fill the object with the water I need I am forced to sit and hold the faucet or tap my fingers impatiently while I wait for the faucet that thinks there can be NO logical reason for me to want more than 1/2 gallon of water per minute mixed with useless air. Six minutes to fill a bucket to wash the floors. 2.5 minutes to fill a pot to cook a family size batch of chili (I use only Hatch chilis from New Mexico). I can easily waste over an hour each day waiting for a faucet to fill up a container because some twit in the government thought you could save water by slowing it down. Guess what? You really can’t save water by filling a 5 gallon bucket slowly.

The lions of the Serengeti are an endangered species. I was watching a video this morning presented by an environmental activist, and a liberal PC gentleman named Mikkel, who has made his life dream to save these animals. He admitted to being one of the first on the bandwagon to outlaw the hunting of lions in the non-National Preserve area of the Serengeti. This area is currently used for cattle ranching. It was, up until 2003, perfectly legal to hunt lions in this area and hunters from around the world would pay up to $750,000 US Dollars for the privilege. The money would go to the government and a lot of it was set aside to compensate the ranchers for the inevitable loss of livestock due to predation by the lions. Succumbing to international outcry from the anti-hunting and ‘green’ liberals the government banned all hunting in the region. Of course the inevitable happened, the lions kept on killing and eating the cattle. The ranchers picked up a rifle and shot the lions. This is legal since they are not hunting but defending their livelihood. As the population of lions decreased in the rural area the National Preserve lions recognized that the old lion population had disappeared and lions, being lions and territorial, moved into the available area and then began to kill and eat the cattle. The ranchers now found themselves killing lions that used to be protected. Eleven years later and the status of the lions of the Serengeti has become precarious indeed.

We do what is right by forcing our views onto others rather than a reliance on natural consequences, we call this being Politically Correct (PC). We institute rules and regulations without regard to the full use or impact of the object or device we are attempting to control, which is ignoring the aforementioned natural consequence. When we do these things we risk alienation of a portion of our population. Sure, it feels good to get a law passed that makes it illegal to bully somebody by calling them a ‘bad’ name. It feels good to be able to shut someone down by saying “You haven’t shared my experience or culture so you don’t have a right to an opinion.” But isn’t this just bullying too? Whatever happened to “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? I mean, do we really need rule of law to protect us from jerks? Have our skins become so thin?

Here is a little comparison for arguments sake. When I lived in Europe and the Middle-East I observed that my auto insurance rates were phenomenally low (I am talking about as much as 90% lower for the same vehicle) compared to the rates I paid in the US. I asked why this was. An agent in Turkey explained it very clearly, “Here you take personal responsibility for your decisions. If you have an accident and are injured while NOT wearing seat belts then my company is not required to pay for injuries that would have been prevented had you been wearing them.” He then continued, “If alcohol is involved then you are personally responsible and my company is not required to pay your claim, we only cover the injured party and that only if they also test clean. If they also were not wearing seat belts then neither we, nor you, are liable for injuries that would have been prevented should they have been wearing them.” What an amazingly refreshing idea. If you as an adult, make a stupid decision and it results in personal harm then you are held responsible. Is it any wonder that DUIs are so low in these areas? In the UK they literally laugh at all the silly bells and whistles that remind you to put on a seat belt, that you left your keys in the cars. The American’s penchant for bonging and clanging convinces them that we need to be held by the hand to go to the loo! The sad thing is that it is all too true, we divorce ourselves from personal responsibility in every aspect of our lives wherever possible from child-rearing to how much water we use to wash our hands. This really needs to change.

Okay, five minutes is up, I should be able to flush the remainder of last night’s chili now…