To What do We Owe the Rise of Trump?

Trump has lit a fire. Can it be contained?

An already ugly campaign takes a violent — and ominous — turn. ~Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post

If it weren’t so sad I would be laughing at this article. No! You can blame Trump for his rhetoric but it is actually the very same rhetoric that has been bandied about by the MSM and the Administration for several years now. It all started with Treyvon Martin and a President of the United States inserting a personal opinion that preceded even the most basic investigation into the facts. Obama said “He could have been my son.” in response to a picture of an innocent appearing teenage boy rather than the huge thug that he had grown into. He made that comment before the facts became evident. He pandered to the race-baiters and even refused to reject their calls for assassination and public riots which damaged the property and lives of the innocent. This has established a pattern which continues to this day. Obama, the Justice Department and MSM constantly turning everything, regardless of fact, into a race war and out-of-control LEO population that culminated in the BLM movement. This domestic terror organization has publicly called on its members to kill random police officers, bomb police stations and attack and kill random white people for the crime of “being white” and yet, after these public and vociferous threats Obama invites the leaders to the White House for dinner and a chat. One of them is on the FBIs most wanted list for killing a police officer.

Then there is Ferguson and another clearly justified shooting of another black criminal that had just finished committing a strong-arm robbery. What do we hear? “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Again the President and the MSM jump aboard to the defense of the rioters and looters. As the facts again are revealed the damage is already done. We blame the MSM especially for considering rioting, looting and burning down the homes and businesses of the innocent as an “expression of free speech” protected by the Constitution of the United States. Obama, MSM and the rest of Washington, DC have now set the stage.

During this entire period we are inundated with an Administration, backed up by MSM, that the unemployment rate is down from 10% where it ended during the Bush administration to under 5% today. problem is that the job growth they refer to is in the service industry with some of the lowest paying jobs in the country. People need to work 2 – 3 jobs just to get by now. Most of these jobs don’t even come as full-time. This also disregards that fact that our employment participation rate is at the lowest point it has been at in over FIFTY YEARS!! These are the huge masses of unemployed white collar workers that have been displaced by H1B Visa holders and overseas outsourcing of high-tech and manufacturing positions. Current statistics report that as much as 47% of our healthy working age adult population is either unemployed or under-employed right now.

This gets us to Trump. He is verbalizing the actual emotional state of the vast majority of the American populace and yes, many don’t actually like him or see him as presidential (me included) but do see him as the ONLY person running that is not afraid to come right out with the truth of where we, as a nation, are right now. During this period we are told by the pundits in the left-leaning MSM that we Republicans are a bunch of racist Neanderthals with little, or no, education despite the obvious and glaring fact that at the beginning of this campaign the Democrats were running two old white people while the racist and misogynist Republican party put forward a group of very diverse people including a black-American, a Female CEO, two Latinos and a couple of traditional old white guys. We are racist and uneducated because we think that laws are meant to be enforced, knuckle-draggers because we think that a person should try to stand on their own two feet rather than live off the sweat of another, Neanderthals because we don’t think that dead people and non-citizens should be permitted to vote in our elections.

I want you people in the MSM to think about this, and think real hard even though it hurts to actually use your brains… How many attacks have been made by Trump supporters at Democratic events? You think we are stupid and uneducated, even those of us like me with dual-Masters and a life-time of engineering. Even my friend’s spouse with her PhD because she decided to vote for Trump but gets called “Uncle Ruckus” because she HAPPENS to be a black-American! As ye sow, so shall ye reap and the left has reaped the whirlwind.

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