What is the REAL Risk of Islamic Terrorists?

America, Heck Yeah with Ronald Reagan

Recent events have put Daesh at the forefront of the news again. We have seen the effects of their attacks in Mali and Paris. They are doing what terrorists do…ramp up the level of fear, interfere with normal activities in order to depress the economy and keep themselves in the news. To some extent they are being successful in these aims. Belgium has basically been shut down for several days. Conservatives are up in arms about the refugee problem and Liberals are all up in our face about how taking them in is the “Christian thing to do.”
But the real risk to any individual American from a terrorist attack is still remarkably low and, as a percentage of the population likely to remain lower than the risk you engender from a simple surgical procedure or driving on a road after the bars close! So what is the point? What do the terrorists really work for?
First understand that there are multiple levels within the terrorist organization. The upper level that has the leaders and religious guides (Imams) that NEVER put themselves at risk, the rank and file soldiers of Daesh that perform the duties normally associated with an invading army and occupation force that are motivated by the opportunity to benefit under strict Sharia law by engaging in slavery, rape and extortion of anyone that does NOT agree with them and, finally, the lowest level consisting of confused and misguided youth that are brain-washed into a belief that there really is a paradise with 72 virgins at the other end of a suicide attack!
As we may have noticed their tactics, in general, have never resulted in anything permanent. The upper levels don’t care as they are all about the power they exert below them and the rewards of being well-paid. The soldiers don’t care because their motivation lies in the immediate pleasures of rape, pillage and plunder with little consideration to tomorrow and the awareness that, at their level, if the hammer falls they can run, hide and reappear as “innocents”. The lowest level are “true believers” and therefore need re-education if they are ever to be saved, beyond that they are ‘lost”.
But the upper level planners DO have a plan and it IS working and has much to do with the aforementioned refugees.

Herein lies the “true key” to Islamic Jihad. At this point in time the powers within Islam that are devoted to the teachings of their prophet; those that truly believe that Islam and Sharia Law are destined to rule the earth; consider the various terrorist organizations and their actions to be little more than a side show intended to keep our minds occupied with the news. In the meantime they will deliberately create a liberal climate that willingly permits large numbers of Islamic refugees to enter into the western countries. The average birthrate of an Islamic family is between 8 and 22 children — don’t forget they are encouraged to have each man hold 4 wives. Additionally they are permitted under their own culture to make indiscriminate use of non-Islamic females through rape and sexual slavery to increase their numbers. During this same period the average couple in western cultures produces LESS than two children per family. Eventually the Islamic population of any given western nation will become the majority population at which time they can simply vote Sharia into being. Islam will become the defacto state religion.

For this very simple and obvious observation made while living amongst the Islamic faith for in excess of 5 years I have to say that we, as a people, must be very careful about how we treat this in the future. It is imperative that we allow Islam into our nation but at the same time it is important that those members of the faith make a good faith effort to incorporate our values and culture within their hearts. Please understand that many do. The difficulty is going to be getting them vocal enough about it to voice this desire to the Imams, the people in power and, especially, to House Saud. If this doesn’t occur I can foresee a day in which the only resolution will be to commit to a nuclear attack right at the heart of the faith to demonstrate its lack of truth and power.


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