Should the USA hire Her Majesty?

Unemployment is WAY DOWN, under-employment is WAY UP. The bottom line is that our middle-class has been gutted and the middle-class made up the heart and soul of the American economy. Small mom and pop operations employed over 90% of the US workforce. Centralization of supply and demand, migration of high-paying low/unskilled factory jobs and many other factors of a similar nature have conspired to put us where we are. The problems are too complex and of a global nature; it is not possible that anyone can lay the blame on any president. I am NOT pro-Obama, he is a liar and has never actually worked an honest day in his life, never served in any form of the military (not even the National Guard) so I truly believe he has some of the lowest of moral compass and ethics in the history of his office.

That said I firmly believe that being a ‘saint’ is NOT a trait that we want in a president. The ability to twist fact and play with statistics is a critical skill for the office. Our current political climate at the national level consists of a group of extreme left socialists that are battling a group of extreme right conservatives. Problem is that the vast majority of Americans actually lie somewhere between the two so the vast majority are seeing a government that is subverting the will of the people on every single issue regardless of it being a Democrat or a Republican putting forward the issue. While the climate is like this our government is powerless to move on any significant issue, compromise is no longer possible. It is not a problem triggered by the Tea Party Republicans any more than it is a problem of the Far Left Liberals. They are symptoms of a disease. The disease is intolerance and the inability to accept responsibility.

We are now seeing our society crack around the edges, signs of extreme civil unrest, people taking the law into their own hands due to the inability of the government to govern. If things do not change and change very soon we will have given the Office of the President of the United States that which he most ardently seeks . . . an excuse to impose martial law. When that occurs you can kiss your elections goodbye. You can then say hello to the Emperor of the United States Barrack Hussein Obama. I, for one, wouldn’t blame him. It is that or we all vote to have Queen Elizabeth absorb us back in the British Empire (wouldn’t that be a gas?)!

Actually, the British form of government has a very significant advantage over ours as it is currently structured. The Queen is relatively powerless to rule the people directly, she is allowed to give a speech during which she can bring up issues of importance. But there is one power unique to the Throne. The Queen can dissolve a government when the voice of the people demand it. This has been done only a very few times in the past. Most notably the government of Chamberlain, with his history of appeasement to Hitler at the onset of WW2. We all know the result of that. The government reformed with Winston Churchill at the head and Britain stood, alone, against the Axis onslaught for almost 3 full years until the US entered the conflict.


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